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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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and two others on mcginn grove drive. to the cnc with life-threatening injuries. bill: happening right now, tezted cruz is holding a rally in annapolis. north carolina's presidential primary is one week away from today, and the race for white house is really coming right through the tar heel state. robin kanady is joining us live. reporter: cruz just arrived, to the rally, he is speaking right now to supporters, he told them, he is really gaining momentum here. i had a chance to speak with
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in line. they told me they really like cruz's christian principles that is what appeals to them, that is what he is going for that evangelicals base. but cruz does not have to necessarily win north carolina to make an impact where it matters. >> thank you so much. reporter: donald trump is expected to win north carolina, but that does not mean he has the republican nomination locked up. >> it seems the race to win, which is trump, there is the race to peel off delegates in hopes of creating a fight at the republican national convention. reporter: uncpolitical vience professor said that don't count on seeing much any of if any of florida senator marco rubio or ohio governor john kasich in north carolina, primaries in their home states are on the same day at north carolina,
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for them in their states. >> if they don't win in their states there is not much of a claim they have to continue on. reporter:red to ted cruz could be the wild card in north carolina. the state is not what is called winner-take-all. north carolina allocates its delegates proportionately, that could help cruz. >> delegates are what he needs, to prevent trump from getting a majority. and to, allowance avenue for antitrump candids to win. reporter: something interesting to point out here, north carolina, moved its pry hair up -- primary up this year, it was in may, they moved it to mid march, so that state could have more of a role in take picking the nominee, with 3
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primaries, it might not have work as well as party leaders hoped. robin kanady, fox 46, wjzy. bill: thank you ron robin. >> early voting underway for next tuesday's primary. >> and meanwhile on democratic side of the isle, hillary clinton will make a stop in north carolina thursday, no word on where she will campaign but officials say that clinton will ebbwill encourage supporters to participate in early voting, bill clinton stopped yesterday in the queen industry. early voting ends in north carolina on saturday. >> new information, share charlotte mec mecklenburg police department said nothing illegal happened when one of
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a video punching a suspect last week, the video shows a officer strikes a suspect who reportedly fled from a hit-and-run scene then continued to run from police, chief said that footage from the officer's own body camera gave a better view of what happened. the department is looking into if any policy was violated. but they say nothing illegal happened during the arrest. even though it is an intense video too watch. >> no use of force looks good. there is no way we can use force and play well. bill: this is suspect who was changed with the hit-and-run, was arrested in video, 26-year-old malcolm glen elliott ii, police will not release the body camera footage, it is policy only to release if charges come up again a officer. >> tonight 10 clack 10:00, our own david, actually spent the
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training class with the cmpd officers we'll show you what of the training, more specifically how it worked out for him. >> this just in, a caldwell county man has been indicted for murder of two mcdonald's employees, he shot and killed the two in hickory last week, he was indicted on two counts of murder, discharging a firearm who an occupied vehicle, and possession of a stolen vehicle, last week hickory police say he shot and killed at mcdonald's in hickory, and then shot into watt's truck, who later passed away in a hospital. they were both employees of mcdonald's. all of the mechanics in the area are -- mc donald's in the area are hosting a fundraiser to help raise money efficient for their family. bill: if you had a chance to step outside today,
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am upset we're locked in the building today, a great time to hit the pool. brian: i hope folks got out to take a chance. bill: it's 75, it is great. you are from arizona. brian: that is why i don't go out it is till not warm enough. we're still warm tonight at 71, above 70s, and we have wind blowing it not bad, out of the south at about 9 miles an hour. i want to show your headlines here. 70s, we will be bathing in them, i will take 70 outdoors not getting in the water though, your workweek will stay dry. but make use of your umbrella to the weekend. i will show you, when we'll
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in coming up in 10 minutes from right now. bill: all right. thank you brian. >> fox 46 learned that a mother died in a car crash in lib concounty this -- lincoln county this morning, dave boyd collided head on to a dodge minivan, vand as helms died at the scene her children of in the miniva, boyd is charged with death by motor vehicle. >> at 6:00, a charlotte man is charged in murder of a woman in and her unborn child, don brown killed hala and her unborn child in 2012, later the medical examiner discovered the woman was pregnant when she died. bill: to an update, an electrical issue in an overhead light is what
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north business warehouse, firefighters called to the scene monday night, where smoke was showing in the building cruise controlled that blaze in over an hour, no one was hurt, the damage is estimated to bees there are$30 -- 3030,000. >> a former high school teacher pleading guilty to having a sexual relationship with a student, 46-year-old, hilton was sentenced to 100 hours of community service, ask two years of bropation, she agreed to give up her north carolina teaching been, the former south point high school teacher engaged in a sex act with a high school senior in a car last year. bill: a shift in union county school system, mike web is stepping down july 1, he announced his retirement at a school board meeting
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last week, ellis announced she is retiring on june 1. bill: funeral for a good samaritan struck and killed while trying to help a stranded driver is set for saturday. he will be laid to rest at pine lawn memorial park, his service will be in pinehurst, he pulled over to help out a teenager who a flat tire, that is when he was hit and killed by another driver, he was wearing dark clothing and in an unlit portion of the road, it appears to be no charges for the driver that hit him. and alcohol was not a factor. bill: local members of national guard came to rescue after they heard a girl screaming for help. that girl was being secondly assaulted in daylight. tonight, neima abdulahi has been following this brazen crime in kings mountain where that suspect is now behind bars.
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kings mountain that has community talking, national guard members tell me they were doing the right thing, and the rest of community said they are heroes. >> for sergeant neil, helping others is in these blood. blood. he said while he was training here at this national guard facility, some guard members heard screams and went to see what happened, 19-year-old kyle matthew moore was sexually assaulting an underage girl, sergeant neil went out and could not believe what they were witnessing. >> he was grabbing on her, she was screaming for probably 3 times. reporter: it happened in daylight, at the intersection of west goal street, and fever road, moore was arrested after guard members detained him, until police arrived issue now people praise the solers -- soldiers for coming to the rescue. >> they do a great job helping people.
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daughter, she is 13. reporter: the suspect is charged with second second degree sexual offense and battery this community is thankful for the nearby national guard facility. >> we step in and help when we can. reporter: the solers say they were just doing the right thing, neima abdulahi, fox 46, wjzy. bill: tonight, kyle moore is held in cleveland county detention center. police tells us that this investigation is still ongoing. and more charges are possible. >> like leaving in the country, it is as if you own it, but you don't really own it. bill: that reality was not really owning it, hitting home for the folks this after developers won the fight to build on what homeowners call their beautiful view. >> and wage increases for walmart workers, you find
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bill: all right, happening right now, gop presidential hopeful, ted cruz is holding a rally in cannopolis. his visit comes to north carolina one day after republican frontrunner donald trump decided to visit concord. north carolina presidential primary is one week from today, the race for white house coming to tar heel state.
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and speak, we do have a reporter in the rally, we'll have an update on what he said tonight at 10:00. bill: homeowners who paid top dollar to have a scenic view just lost their 6-month long battle. caroline is joining us with more. reporter: the folks here, in regent park tell me they paid a premium for this view, but by this year they will look out on a row of new houses, instead of the golf course. this peace and quiet is about to disappear. >> where i look out now, and see the fairway and pond, i will look at the back of two-story houses. reporter: john browne has lived hire on rejen mark golf course for about a decade. >> i paid a premium to be here on the golf course, but
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tied to our property legally. reporter: monday night, york county count said yes to rezoning 27 acres that will build 60 new houses. >> we fought it as long as we could, we would have liked to have found some way to keep the course operating as a golf course, but that is not going to happen any more. reporter: golfers are also sorry to see it go. >> it is a shame. i collect a logo ball, a ball that has the name of the course, every new course i play, i collect it. this is going to be a unique one because i know, i won't be able to play it again. reporter: reggie hoover, who spent the day on the course said it is hard to find a place to play that did you not break the bank.
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that charges $150, $200, $250 just for green fees, you are in here for $25 having a great time. reporter: they are looking at losing between 50 to $100,000 after they lose the golf course. live in fort milker caroline fountain, fox 46, wjzy. bill: a bummer for those homeowners, we reached out to the homes for a comment but we have not heart back. >> as for golf course it is privately owned and be sold just like any other pry at that time property. >> hard to imagine to have any perfect weather to het the links, brian, i know you are holding off on me, we have to go out, hit the links sometime, maybe we can
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brian: i understand we don't want to play with anthony. bill: oh, no, i have played with him issue, he made me look really bad. brian: okay. the weather does feel great for golf. but we'll have pollen issues over the next few days. we'll be high to very high on tree pollen from wednesday through saturday, a few things you are looking at, june per -- juniper, elelm and ash. >> nonetheless temperatures will be good, it was beautiful yet, today it is warmer out. right now about 7 to 9 degrees warmer, the same time yesterday. that puts us in the 70s for most of the area. now, you are in lancaster,
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are cooler but not cold, 62 is coldest in the region right now. got to love that. we're still in winter until the 20th of march. we could see a turn here just not in the next 7 days. if you are thinking about going out tonight? good weather for it, winds will stay slow, at 5 mile an hour out of the south, temperatures, in 60s, 7, 8, 9, then 59 as we approach 10 p.m. future cast, we'll see if we have changes? we continue to see a southerly flow of air in the region, picking up some moisture with winds down tonight, low. 5 miles an our or less that could allow some fog to build in the area, we okay see areas with patchy fog tonight. tomorrow afternoon, a few clouds, a lot of sunshine tomorrow.
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your tan today, you get a couple more chances before the week is over. thursday, more cloud cover, but great weather heading to us. until the weekend. tonight, 50, winds out of south-southwest at about 5 miles an hour, check out next few days, temperatures, they will run at 77, bill? 78, and 76 to friday, we'll talk more about that rain coming up 10 minutes. bill: loving it thank you. >> controversy of congressional district maps in north carolina continues, attorneys for the state defend the redrawn maps, saying that it complies with wishes of federal judges who said that race played too much of a royal in previous lines, the attorneys dislike the new maps, say it still creates mass jerry manderring. 12 district runs through here in mecklenburg county.
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paychecks are about to get bigger, more than 7300 worker here in charlotte are getting a raise, 48,000 north carolina employees will get a raise, making at least $10 an hour, that is part of company's two year multibillion dollar invest, that is higher pay, better training, clearer career paths and also education altun for all employees, workers should see the raise to this week's paycheck. bill: coming up next, a ban reverse. concealed weapons are now allowed in government buildings in one north
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we'll take a look at the bill: a fox 46 follow-up police continue to search for a suspect who attack a pregnant woman at a bus stop in charlotte, the woman said a stranger tried to steal her purse two times while waiting for the bus on
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then kicked and punched her several times while down, even in the face, women said she and the baby are doing okay. >> detective are investigating a bizarre break in, in lincoln county. a man wear a wolf mask, he broke into food country store monday morning, the suspect got away with cash. thankfully nobody was hurt, you are asked to call sheriff office or crime stoppers if you can help them out. bill: animate -- an inmate who escaped from rock hill correctional facility is now on a crime spree, he is being connected with a string of 4 burglaries in the area, in one he shot and killed a guard dog at animal hospital then another dog inside.
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weapons in government building has been reversed in one north carolina county, after a debate by lawmakers and members of the community could fox's joe dominguez has all of the details. reporter: sticker like this will no longer be necessary after a decision by rockingham county monday night to lift the ban on conceal carry weapons. >> we do not trust our citizenry? >> i don't want to be annie oakley, i do want my freedom to carry my weapon where i choose to, that is my right as an american, this is near to my heart. reporter: until now the law put restricts on all guns in government builds, this will allow those who have been vet the by sheriff office to
6:26 pm
in the government buildings. >> we're talking about a small number of people. who have been checked, their backgrounds are in check, their mental health is in check. reporter: this will apply to rocky ham county -- rockingham county employees. >> we're living in different dimes times, they need to be able to arm themselves. bill: at 6:00, bail has been denied for a ledged ring leader in gold bar heist in north carolina, perez is responsible for taking 4 4.8 million dollars worth of gold bars last year. it was on its way from miami to massachusetts, there are more arrested expected. bill: south carolina
6:27 pm
two people shot to death then burned. when they demanded an unpaid caccab fair. taxi cab driver was from north charlotte. james lot of is lot luft us is charged with their murders, he bury them in a shallow grave saturday after he prefused to pay his cab fare. bill: the fire that killed 6 people in a boarding house in atlanta did not appear to be suspicious, authorities are looking to every possible cause, 4 men, and 2 women were killed in yesterday's blaze. rescue officials say it was one of the worst scenes they have ever responded to. >> we're working on it. bill: a popular row of businesses on fringe of the
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and go, where they are headed and why they are getting kicked out. >> another day another series of contest in the battle for the white house, we find out how today's primaries could inup shaking -- could end up shaking up the republican race. brian: we have chances for rain, i'll show you when, coming up a selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse,
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before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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bill: welcome back, update -- breaking news, medic officials telling fox 46, 4 people have been hurt in 3 separate shootings in charlotte area, second on berkshire boulevard, one person was shot there taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries, before that another person was shot on mcginn grove dry of drive.
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for a missing 15-year-old girl, dixie may bailey was last seen brevard, north carolina outside of asheville, 5-4, blue eyes brown hair with orange streaks, wearing a peach color pull over, black tights and cowboy boots, call 911 if you may have seen her. bill: a stap staple for students and faculty alike at campus, but the restaurants and stores are being forced out, they have less than 3 weeks to pack up. jenna with more. reporter: she has owned red sea restaurant for 15 years. but about two weeks ago, he got shocking news. >> i got 40 days, all our staff, all things. reporter: attorney for the building where polices
6:32 pm
the tenants they need to be out by march 31, because of a deal between the owner and the cpcc . >> this is a big one. to pack up all of the stuff. the restaurant has been here 10 years. reporter: cpcc confirms an agreement to purchase these lands, and are in talks of the owner of the building next door to use for potential campus growth, the tenants here say there is not enough time to operate else. >> we're working on it. reporter: students and staff who rely on these businesses, to grab a bite to eat can't believe it is going away. >> it is so close to the school, a place where people
6:33 pm
>> somewhere to eat. >> yeah, you know. reporter: jenna, fox 46, wjzy. bill: the tenants in the build having hire a lawyer. the owner of red sea tells us they secure a new location on monroe road. bill: so all this beautiful spring weather, as spring continues to inch closer. all of us are going to be losing an hour of sleep, brian, it is what? spring forward, fall back? brian: i grew up in arizona, i spent first 33 years of my life, not dealing with that daylight-savings time, it is frustrating, this time of year, we lose an hour. you lose an hour of sleep, you have to get up an hour
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your 2:00 a.m. is then 3:00 a.m. if you get up 8:00 it is like getting up earlier. plan ahead. that is coming up sunday. put did is your calendar, it is fairly nice leading up to, that we are rain chance, a beautiful sunset, don't get used to it, but it does feel good if you want to have dinner on the patio tonight, this is a great opportunity, grnlous, gorgeous, it at 71. high pressure will keep the air blowing in out of the south, we have moisture to work with frontal boundaries working in out of the west, potential for strong storms across, dallas, texas, through memphis, then
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the good news that cold front has to go over tap of appalachians, rain chances friday be minimal about 10% chance. a better chance in the mountains, but we'll have a system coming out the south, that will affect us saturday, sunday, could mean a chance for thunderstorm, over the weekend as well. do make sure you track with us over next couple of days that system is clearer, what is going to be happening with it. tonight. 30s, 40s, 50s issue a mile night, tomorrow, warm -- a mild night, tomorrow warm, in 70s. look at forecast up to 78 on thursday, bill. we'll hit 76 friday, 10% chance of rain friday much but saturday, and sunday, they both have a 50% chance of rain, but still in the 70s. we'll dry out tuesday.
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>> voters in 4 more states are headed out to polls today, political analyst say, by this time tomorrow the republican race could be looking different. joel waldman explains why. >> i know who i want, i know who i don't want, i think every vote counts. reporter: tuesday is michigan's biggest delegate prize, the polls show trump in lead with 34%, but the race is tightening with ted cruz in second, marco rubio third, and john kasich fourth but gaining most up 11 since january. >> it is possible, if he does better than expected in michigan. kasich has a midwestern strategy. reporter: rubio pulling last in michigan primary turned his attention back home to florida next tuesday's winner-take-all primary is a must win. trump trying to deliver an
6:37 pm
new attack ad called corrupt marco. >> in florida if you vote for john kasich or ted cruz issue you are voting for don'tdonald trump. reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders making last-ditch effort to win over voters in the hard hit cities of flint and detroit. >> we'll have a renaissance in manufacturing. and i am very proud that voted to make sure we could rescue the auto industry when i was in the senate. reporter: mitt romney continues his effort to prevent donald trump from becoming republican nominee, with get out the vote robo calls on behalf of struggling contendors, marco rubio and john kasich. bill: in results they will serve as an opening act to next main event, that is because after tonight they will look to march 15 contest here in north
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ohio, and florida. >> all right, you are headed to work in morning, expnging and thinking about maybe grabbing a breakfast sandwich from starbucks? you may want to think again. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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bill: you will get cash back if you were affected by home depot's data breach in 14, payment cards and personal data was stolen from millions of people in the data breach, home depot agreed to pay $6.5 million to fund protect services for card holders. it will compensate consumers with documented out of pocket losses. >> you may want to think twice about getting a breakfast muffin at starbucks, the company that makes the sausage, egg,
6:41 pm
now calling them for tomorrow listeria contestimony nation. so -- contamination, so far no one has reported getting sick after eating one. bill: you may want to double check your tickets if you are planning on seeing acdc next week, they are hitting a pause button postponing 10 dates on the u.s. rock or bust tour because lead singer brian johnson could lose his hearing if he takes stage, the band will perform later in the year with a gift vocalist, johnson joined acdc in 1980, taking overlaid vocal after front ban bonscott died. bill: maria sharapova acknowledges she failed a doping test in australian
6:42 pm
many of her supporters have distanced themselves from her. she was taking a prescription from a doctor, it was not on the the banned list until january 1st. bill: some of brightest stars in nfl have decided to hang you of cleats this week, first peyton manning. now calvin johnson, megatron announced his retirement from nfl today, woo 9 great season with the detroit lions, last season he had 88 receptions for 1124 yards, and broke jerry rice's records with 1964 yards receiving back in 2012, anthony he was a fun player
6:43 pm
anthony: he was, he will be missed. a record setting performance
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
round victory in anthony: if you know you are not going to get invited to the big dance, this is the time to do something about it. like punch your own tournament, how do you do that?
6:46 pm
tournament. off to double screen, a trifecta. freshman with a career high 6 three-pointer, 24 points, cat barber added 22, nc state beats forest, 75-72. wolf pack advance to second round they face duke. >> i'm proud of our team, because i think it was a gutsy win, it was not necessarily pretty. but both teams played hard, i thought our guys hung in there. we overcame some mistakes and errors, but we kept playing hard. >> nc state is a very talented basketball team, they made more plays than us down the stretch. anthony: nc state advancing taking to duke wednesday 2 p.m., seen on surour sister station, my 12.
6:47 pm
leading scorer is being honored, jack gibbs named first team all conference. he scored 30 points 10 times this season. >> nfl, panthers have resigned joe web to a two year contract according to his agency. web is panther third string quarterback after cam newton, and back up derrick anderson, web plays special teams, and play receiver, his versatility is a big reason why the panthers' to keep nim in carolina, you heard from bill, calvin johnson announced his retirement after 9 season in
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that is a look at sport more selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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bill: one of the most popular shows on fox celebrates a big milestone, 100 crazy adventures on new girl, tonight there is more than one surprise in story. michelle takes a look. reporter: fox's new girl celebrates 100 episode tuesday night with return of star zoe deschanel. >> nick? >> a huge accomplishment. i am really proud. that we have done that many shows. reporter: it -- it feels surreal, i can't believe
6:51 pm
believe that i book a pilot, and it got picked up, and a full seen, then you get i second season. >> time has gone by so fast, i don't think that we shot this many episodes. >> i have been laughing more, because i am exhausted? i have been ruining more takes by laughing than ease anyone on set. >> hello, how of jury duty. >> zoe's character returns to jury duty, and drawn to guest star megan fox. >> i thought you were cool. >> i am cool. >> i come back there is a you know, a new, new girl living in my room temporarily. and i want her to be my best friend. reporter: and lamour wants megan to be a regular on the show. >> i want this to happen, i
6:52 pm
and nowadays in hollywood, black holes royals matter -- black roles matter. >> and expect upcoming wedding between smith and cc to be anything but matter. >> just you and me having time of our lives. >>ing any like what i would engine smith wedding would be, i know he does not have financial backing to make it as extravagant as he wants it to be. >> you have to let to wash over. >> there the wave.
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>> bill: look at this, a reporter at our sister station, they had on jump to safety to avoid a car headed to their live shot, look how close this came, barely missing reporter, slamming into tripod, hitting camera, thankfully everyone is okay. police believe that woman driving white car, might have hit the gas, not the brakes causing this vehicle she hit to veer off the sidewalk, right to the news our crew, brian saw this video, this is all over the social media. brian: crazy, and the guy in the end about to cry, thinking about what could have happened.
6:56 pm
people could have seen you get killed on live tv. reporter: scroo. reporter:tv. brian: crazy, and great reflects, looking at weather tomorrow. we'll continue to keep the trend to tomorrow, wake up at 57. we'll get into 60s by 9 a.m., and mid 70s to upper 70s into afternoon hours, sunshine tomorrow. then wind speeds staying under 10 miles an hour. a quick look at that seven-day forecast, we have rain chances, saturday, and sunday, watch out! bill: thank you, lovely
6:57 pm
for joining us (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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